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Nash-Keller Media is the #1 source for all Search Engine Optimization services in Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Brandon, Tea, Brookings, Watertown, Vermillion, and all surrounding South Dakota areas. We have helped hundreds of local, national, and international businesses with their online presence and we want you to be our next partner.

One thing we have learned is that most of our potential clients come to us with the same daunting story. They have talked to some of the “larger” firms and get the exact same pitch from them all. The firms will tell you the same rehashed information and can’t ever offer any insight into their strategies and most certainly won’t promise any results, or if they do they will be outlandish and unobtainable in an arena that changes near daily. They will give you a great presentation and try to string you onto a recurring plan that you will hopefully forget about over time since “it’s going to take a long time to rank”. This is the exact opposite of Nash-Keller Media’s strategy. We want to prove our knowledge by setting out an optimal game plan with you for your SEO strategy. Since we are a performance based company we also focus entirely on results, instead of how large the monthly payments are.

Do I really need to SEO my website?

It is proven that the majority of all web traffic is driven by visitors from search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Although many different versions of traffic such as social or paid traffic can bring visitors to your website, it is usually not high quality traffic. Traffic from organic search tends to be the highest quality traffic you can possibly obtain. One of these reasons is because the intent of your visitor is so much higher than if they were to just see a random link on Facebook. Visitors also trust organic results from the search engines far more than when they are clicking on an advertisement. As you can see, search engines are the roadways to bring this highly targeted traffic directly to your website. If your site can’t be found in the search engines you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

Can’t the search engines find and index my site without SEO?

The major search engines are always working towards improving the algorithm that they use to rank all of the different websites in their index. This is great for the end users, but for anyone who actually owns a website, this can become a very scary thing. One simple change to the search engine’s algorithm can result in your site being dropped entirely. The right agency can net you thousands of visitors each month; whereas the wrong moves (working with amateurs, large agencies that only care about their bottom line, etc.) can penalize your site and bury your site so deep that you will never be seen. This is why working with amateur agencies or large agencies is NOT a bargain at any price. Even if you haven’t done any work on your site and you are ranking for the terms you want, a simple algorithm update can and usually will very negatively affect your site’s rankings.

Can’t I just do this myself? My “tech” / web guy seems pretty knowledgeable…

Although there is a TON of documentation and information online about SEO topics, you will likely run into many problems. First of all, you will run into a TON of conflicting information. If you really stop and think about it, who would happily give out their profit making method to rank whatever they want in the search engines? This is why Nash-Keller Media fully tests every method we use and are constantly running tests on new potential ranking methods. We do this by using internal sites on multiple platforms to compare and contrast results, so we know what works and what does not.

The truth is, if your web developer/IT/tech guy was truly good at SEO, your website would already be ranking and he would have a clear cut plan for the future with all the answers to your questions. Most web developers and IT people have no clue on how to actually rank a website, but don’t want to tell you that in fear of you thinking they are incompetent. If this was the case you would not be reading this right now.

How are we different?

1. Performance based.
100% of our results are based on performance. This is an entirely different strategy than any other firms. We will gladly show you the results we are generating so that you can see actual proof of what we do for you.

2. We don’t offer cookie cutter rates.
We do not offer any sort of “regular or tiered” plans for any clients. When we meet a client we first sit down with them and see what their needs and wants are. We also make sure that the client is a good fit for our company. Once we find the goals of our clients we build out a specialized strategy on how to reach the goals in the quickest time frame. We do not charge exorbitant fees for our services. Although we do MORE work than our competitors to offer you a customized plan for your website, our rates will still beat nearly everyone.

3. 100% in house.
We do EVERYTHING in house. We don’t outsource or whitelabel any of our services because we actually know how to do everything from the ground up. Pretty much everyone else you deal with will actually be deceitfully outsourcing very cheap and risky services from the Philippines or India. This is very dangerous and will almost surely earn you a penalty from Google and the other search engines. Unlike other companies just looking for the cheapest way to do things and still accept your check, we focus on what Google and other Search Engines want now and will probably want in the future, and we build your strategy around that.

4. We use responsible white hat techniques.
Many organizations use different spam techniques to (sometimes) boost your rankings up quickly, but then you end up falling even further than you were before the boost. We focus entirely on white hat techniques and building out every property we promote to be diversified and set up for any possible changes in Googles algorithm.

5. We truly care
To Nash-Keller Media you are NEVER just “another client” passed to the newest intern. We are here to help you get the rankings you need in the search engines. We will not rip you off with every little service or change to your website. In fact, we focus on building everything we do so that the client can do as much as possible on their own, and still leave us the ability to do anything else they don’t want to or don’t have the time to do.

6. Communication
Communication is a very important part of our process. You will always be a direct email or phone call away to your direct representative. You will NEVER speak with someone who is only their to increase commissions on your account and upsell you into worthless services. We are very easy to talk to and are there to help break down all of the nerdy technical speak into an understandable discussion.

Most of our clients who change SEO providers will say that other than a lack of results, communication is the second most common reason that they are looking to switch providers.

We start by focusing on onsite optimizations and offsite strategies.

Onsite optimization means making your website look like it is the “perfect” website in Google’s eyes. We go through a number of different steps and processes to make sure that you are able to optimize your website’s onsite factors. If you don’t have a website, don’t worry. We have the best Web Design team available to build your site quickly and properly.

1. Google Webmaster Tools onsite error checks
We set up and check your Google webmaster tools for any known errors or issues. The most common problems we see are duplicate meta title and meta description tags. We see crawl errors where something is misconfigured on your server and Google can’t see your site. We also commonly see ‘page not found’ errors that are easily fixable.

2. Duplicate content repair
One of the worst offenses in Googles eyes is if you have duplicate content anywhere online that is the same as what you are providing.  We check and fix any site wide and non-site wide duplicate content to repair any Google panda penalties.

3. Thin content repair
Google does not like to ever see any thin content or weak pages on your site.  We check and fix any thin content on your site to repair any Google panda penalties.

4. Broken link repair
We check and fix any broken links on your site to repair any Google panda penalties

5. We make your site fast
We check and fix any speed issues on your site to repair any Google panda penalties.

6. We fix bad coding
We check for any poor coding or validation issues to repair any Google panda penalties.

7. We make your website sexy
We check and optimize your site’s code and design to find the perfect balance of design/conversions and seo purposes.

8. We find what keywords you NEED to rank for
We research your niche and what keywords you should be going after to actually provide maximum results and conversions.

Next we go through and optimize all of your sites offsite factors which include:

1. Google Webmaster Tools offsite error checks
We set up and check your Google Webmaster Tools for any errors/issues regarding bad links that may be pointing towards your site.

2. We get rid of your toxic backlinks
If there is one thing that Google doesn’t want to see it is unnatural links to your site. We use our internally developed tools to check for any toxic backlinks to fix any penguin penalties.

3. We fix your anchor text variations & ratios
When Google is looking at your backlinks, they care about diversity and not finding a footprint.  If they can find any trends in your links, they will assume automated link building techniques have been used and they will penalize your site.  We check your link anchor text variations & ratios to fix any penguin penalties.

4. We set up your site to prevent future penalties
We set up a responsible tiered structure for your newly acquired links to avoid and prevent any penalties in the future. Instead of sending all of your links to your main website, we set up a very organized and continually optimized linking structure.

5. We SLOWLY obtain links to your site to prevent looking unnatural.
Most firms blast a ton of links at your website to start their link building (if they even do anything, that is). We set up a special drip feed format where instead of getting 10,000 links all at once, we drip feed them for months or even years. This not only looks natural and gets you to page 1, but it also continually strengthens your position 1 spot for the future.

6. We create and integrate your Social properties.
Social properties such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ have become essential for SEO. Many of our clients have no understanding of how to integrate everything together to push visitors to their website. We come in and set up these accounts and tie everything together to funnel your visitors to your website where they will be converted into a sale.

If you would like any more information, Nash-Keller Media would be happy to explain the process. In the mean time you may want to check out the SEO starter guide straight from the hands of Google.

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