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Nash-Keller Media is the top agency for all your Media Buying services in Brookings, Vermillion, Watertown, Tea, Brandon, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and all areas surrounding South Dakota. We have setup and managed hundreds of media buying accounts for internal use as well as local, national, and international businesses.

Did you know that media buying is one of the most powerful and oldest traffic generation techniques available?

However, it’s also one of the least understood and most complicated strategies to master. Nash-Keller Media is here to take you step-by-step to profitability. We go over your goals with the campaign and explain the different routes we can take to obtain the results you require. We can obtain any media you need depending on the budget available.

What do we do for you?

1. Spy on your competitors.
We research what your competitors are doing and where they are buying media. This allows us to get an inside view of what is most likely already profiting for someone else in your market.

2. Create a laser targeted demographic profile.
We walk through the demographics of your customers and combine this with our competitive research to obtain a demographic profile most likely to be impacted by the message you are portraying.

3. Locate highly relevant traffic sources.
We will go through our rolodex of media buying sources to find the most relevant traffic we can obtain for you. We will also use our proprietary methods to find new agency’s to work with who can provide the traffic you need.

4. Systemic evaluation of traffic sources.
We will go through our systematic evaluation of all our past and new traffic sources to analyze which sources are worth testing and which are best to wait for the scaling phase. This will help us to obtain the best data first so that we can analyze and optimize your campaign for scaling phase.

5. Running controlled network test buys and then scaling.
Depending on our clients goals we prefer to run a controlled network test buy first so that we can test a multitude of different things such as testing different ads on different ad networks which results on your ad showing up tons of different sites in different markets. Once we have enough data to pinpoint what is worth pursuing we can optimize and watch the traffic snow ball in.

6. Negotiating media buys for the lowest price and best terms.
We have dealt with every type of sales slime ball out there. We know the tricks they use to screw you when you are negotiating a media buy. These are things that do not and will not happen with us because we know what to put in every insertion order to protect our clients. In fact, we have some pretty nice tricks up our sleeves that gives you the upper hand in the deal.

7. Create banners with high CTR.
We are great at making ads that will turn a droopy eyed visitor into a foam mouthed buyer. Our ads get clicks, and lots of them. We test many different methods and concepts (while following IAB guidelines & best practices) to find the right banners for your campaign.

8. Creating Landing Pages that Convert.
Clicks aren’t always the answer. What we really want is to obtain mass clicks AND ALSO focus on making the end conversion. We know how to setup a website or landing page to move the visitors into a slick oiled sales funnel.

9. Driving traffic to Landing Pages.
We help you develop landing pages that you can drive your visitors to. By driving your visitors to a landing page specifically about what you’re banners are about a user is much more obliged to purchase your goods.

10. Retargeting your visitors to raise your conversions.
One of the best things you can do is integrate retargeting in with your current marketing efforts. This will be your biggest bang for your buck when it comes to your ROI. By introducing retargeting you are able to retain the visitor AFTER they have left your site. You can then follow them around with your ads, enticing them to come back to your site.

11. Tracking and Analytics of Ads and Landing Pages.
We have in house developed tracking and analytics software that give us the ability to find the most profitable areas of your media buying campaign. We also integrate in with Google Analytics or any other analytics software you may use to help give a full picture of your online marketing goals.

12. Optimizing and repeating to scale-out your profits.
Once we have some data from your current media buy, we constantly optimize and build on any trends or patterns that we see. This helps us to obtain more traffic for cheaper prices. Once everything is set in motion the traffic will scale quite highly causing a snowball effect.

Using extensive market research and strategy, we make sure your product or services get to the intended target audience in the best and most cost effective manner. Based on your customer’s needs and what your personal goals are, we will create an effective media plan to best reach your target market.

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