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Nash-Keller Media is the top agency for all your Sioux Falls Pay Per Click services in Vermillion, Tea, Brandon, Watertown, Brookings, Sioux Falls, Mitchell and all areas surrounding South Dakota. We have set up and managed hundreds of PPC advertising accounts for internal use as well as local, national, and international businesses.

What is PPC?

PPC (Pay Per Click) is really pretty easy to explain. You can display your advertisement to a very specific target audience and anytime an actual click to your ad is made, the visitor will be sent to your website and you will be charged a predetermined amount.

You can purchase PPC advertising from many sources such as Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Youtube, and Linkedin.  The big advantage to doing PPC advertising on these sites is that you can target a very narrow niche of users based on their demographic profiles and search habits.

Advantages of PPC Advertising?

There are some clear advantages when it comes to integrating pay per click advertising into your overall marketing strategy:

  1. Unlike SEO which takes time to implement and see results, with PPC you will see your ads being displayed almost instantly.
  2. We have full control of the ads and can modify them whenever needed.
  3. A daily budget can be set so that you can test small before scaling large.
  4. The ability to test international, national, regional, or local customers only.
  5. Generate instant sales
  6. Pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

How to get started with PPC advertising?

1. Website & Landing Page Optimizations
There are many things that Google and other PPC providers look for before they allow you to advertise on their sites.  One of the first things to focus on is how your website appears in their eyes. If your site is slow, has bad coding, is structured poorly, or has a number of other “common mistakes” then you will either not be allowed to advertise on some or all of these sites or you will be charged highly inflated prices.  Fixing these issues will automatically raise your Google Adwords Quality Score which ends up reducing the prices you pay for clicks. We are VERY experienced in onsite optimization and know exactly what Google wants to see. We advise you on what needs to be fixed with your site and can fix all of these issues for you so that you are prepared to do your pay per click advertising optimally.  If you do not have a site yet would be happy to develop a website that is created to be perfect in Google’s eyes yet made to convert your visitors in paying customers.

2. Account Setup & Configuration
We will create and setup your PPC advertising account.  We will attach your Google Analytics account to your Google Adwords account so that you don’t have the headache of dealing with this complicated process.  This will result in us being able to track and optimize using your Google Analytics data. We make sure to follow all of Google Best Practices for search engine marketing to ensure your account is setup properly off the bat.

3. Keyword Research
One of the most important aspects of pay per click advertising is making sure to pursue the right keywords. If you go after keywords that get a ton of clicks but are providing no conversions you are just sinking your budget into a money hungry machine.  We have the software and expertise to find which keywords are the best for you to pursue. We research and analyze keywords that will be the most cost effective but provide the most results for you.

4. Writing High Converting Ads
If you can’t get someone to NOTICE your ad and click it, then you have lost the entire PPC battle.  We have perfected the art of copywriting when it comes writing highly effective ads in limited space.  We have tested thousands of different ideas and methods to getting eyeballs viewing your ads. Once we have sucked the user in to look at our ads we juice them up with your value proposition and end with a call to action to get them clicking through to your page.

5. Analyzing The Data
Once we have the campaign setup and active we will let it run for a while to obtain data.  We will analyze many different data points for trends and patterns so that we can optimize your campaign to provide more clicks for lower prices while still focusing primarily on the end conversion.

Why Hire Nash-Keller Media to Manage your PPC Campaigns?

Although the concept of PPC is simple, there is a LOT that goes into running a successful campaign. To the average person or company, running a PPC campaign is almost always far to stressful with a severe lack of results.

Not only are there a lot of new skills you will be required to attain, you will also need the TIME to learn everything and then apply it. We are here to solve this problem for you and save you time and stress by offering these expert Sioux Falls PPC Services:

  1. We spend OUR time each week tweaking and optimizing your campaigns.  You just focus on your business.
  2. Lower your CPA (Cost per Acquisition) to save you money on each lead or sale obtained.
  3. Lower your CPC (Cost per Click) which brings you more traffic for cheaper prices.
  4. Increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) so more visitors that see your ads result in clicking it which increases your sites visitors.
  5. Improve your conversion rate which brings in more sales on the same amount of visits.
  6. Boost your ROI (Return on Investment) for each advertising dollar spent.
  7. Bid management to make sure your ads show up in optimal positions.
  8. Constant testing to find more profitable keywords and ads.
  9. We are easy to get along with and always remember that growing your business is the primary goal!

We pay close attention to our clients needs and cater to them very well. We are proud to admit to helping clients achieve high quality traffic, more of that traffic, and getting them the best prices of the specific market they chose to enter.

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