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Fraud monitoring and compliance has become a very big issue with online marketing, especially with direct marketing campaigns. As an advertiser and a publisher, we have experience with the different types of fraud out there, and what can be done to prevent these issues.  From Adwords campaigns to affiliate traffic, we know what to look for to keep your business safe.

Not only can we help your Sioux Falls business with fraud monitoring, but we also are very experienced with compliance. Due to the new regulations put forth by the FTC many businesses and individuals are unaware that they are most likely NOT compliant. From a publisher/affiliate standpoint, we know what limits can be pushed, and what things will put your businesses in jeopardy.

We’d love to talk to you about the compliance issues of your website or business and make suggestions or manage that specific portion of your business. Please fill out the form below if you have any interest in hearing more about our powerful fraud monitoring and compliance services.

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