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Nash-Keller Media is the top company for all your Hosting services in Mitchell, Sioux Falls, Tea, Brandon, Watertown, Brookings, Vermillion and all areas surrounding South Dakota. We have hosted hundreds of accounts for small startups to large corporations with millions of hits daily. Take a look below and contact us with any questions regarding the best plan for you.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting is made to fit simpler websites and applications which don’t require a large amount of resources. Despite the lower cost, when you purchase shared hosting you will have the advantage of powerful servers, security, and network redundancy provided through our datacenter. Since most websites handled by our shared hosting are simpler websites, the initial setup and configuration of the hosting environment happens quick.

Cloud Hosting
We recommend cloud hosting for our medium sized customers or customers who require a lot of flexibility to scale up or down their resources when they want to. We offer VPS (Virtual Private Servers) that you can use for hosting your websites or any other application or software you may want. We offer any OS (Windows, Linux) that you require with any hardware configuration needed.

Dedicated Hosting
This is usually the best decision for larger websites with a heavy amount of traffic, complex systems, or systems that require strict isolation from other systems. We can provide dedicated hosting on managed or un-managed (co-located) servers. Hosting on managed servers means that we will keep your operating system and applications up-to-date and secure. We are also there for other technical help if any problems arise. If you host on an unmanaged server your IT team will be responsible for keeping the operating system and all software current.  For a dedicated hosting environment, you can either provide us with the hardware you already have or we can work together to put together the necessary hardware for you. We are here to provide the information you need to make the customized decisions for your dedicated hosting environment. Although dedicated hosting solutions cost more than shared hosting solutions they offer the ultimate level of security, configuration, control, and performance.

Email Hosting
We will host your email with up-to-date filtering for spam, viruses and all types of malware trying to make it into your organizations systems via email attachments. In addition to these security protections you will have access to a web-based email management tool to manage all of your email accounts. With this management console you can do things like enabling and disabling individual accounts, setting up forwarding on accounts and creating your own spam rules.  Another excellent option is to use Google Apps to manage your email, calendar, tasks, documents and more.

Data Backup and Recovery
We have a number of different options when it comes to automating your backup and recovery processes. We make sure to backup copies of your data at a minimum of 1 onsite location and 1 offsite location. Our backups are made on a continual basis allowing you to revert backups to months ago or to hours ago. Whether you suffer from a minor or massive disaster, Nash-Keller Media’s staff will guarantee that the recovery process is performed quickly and competently which will allow you to get back to work and start bringing the sales in.

24/7 365 Monitoring
We offer monitoring services for our clients to ensure that everything on their site remains working at all times. We use a variety of internal monitoring and external services such as Pingdom.  We can monitor your website’s, servers, applications and more. With this we are able to see your website uptime and response time along with your server health and network performance. By enabling our monitoring on your site you will know within minutes if your site or any aspects on it become to slow or unreachable. We offer instant alerts via email, sms, twitter or phone so you can be made aware no matter where you are.

Security Audits
We can do a security audit on your website and/or servers at any time to provide you with any possible weaknesses or vulnerabilities. If you are running a CMS like WordPress or a shopping cart like Magento there is a good chance you have active vulnerabilities open right now with your current configuration. We excel in computer security and analyzing any past or present attacks, including helping you get out of any current DDOS attacks you may be experiencing. If you are running any web applications or have never analyzed the security aspects of your web properties we highly recommend contacting us.

Nash-Keller Media has the infrastructure to help you start out on a reliable and affordable package. We always plan ahead and make sure that however you start we have the resources and vision in place to scale you to the package you need to make your business the most successful it can be.

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