Our Team: Behind the magic!


Trevor has had a deep passion for entrepreneurship since a very young age. His first business was a worm farm selling worms to the local fisherman. In his early teens he discovered technology and decided programming websites was more his style. After going to college for E-Commerce & Computer Security he formed Nash-Keller Media to help businesses get setup online and scale their sales.

Trevor has developed many skills as a result of seeing the ins and outs of so many different businesses. He has a knack for automating processes to cut down on time and man hours. Because he understands exactly how the web works he can get your message delivered to whatever audience you want in the most efficient manner. With his ability to organize and structure any sized project he can get anything done to any scale.

Trevor enjoys working at Nash-Keller Media because it allows him to be open and creative while working with a top notch team. It also gives him the freedom to travel and see the world while helping companies grow at the same time. He loves to read and learn new things which helps keep Nash-Keller Media on the cutting edge of everything they do.

When Trevor isn’t working you can find him zipping around on his longboard, playing with his kids, or watching a good movie with his wife.

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What our Clients are Saying

Nash-Keller Media is a company you can trust to take your digital marketing and e-commerce website to the next level. They are passionate about their clients by ensuring to build relationships and always following up and following through for the maximum ROI.

Their knowledge, coupled with their creative spirits, makes them our single most powerful tool for increasing our website traffic and ultimately converting that traffic into sales. Their work ethic shows every single day (and night) that they will work long hours to make your dreams become a reality.

You can trust that with Nash-Keller Media they will not only do everything they promised and more, but they will do it in a timely manner and keep you laughing throughout the entire process.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Nash-Keller Media and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with them.

- Megan Kowal
Lotus Boutique